20 January 2014

Google Autocomplete Reveals Each State's Hottest-Trending Law

Type  [State] passes  into Google, and see each state's hottest trending law or bill as of today...according to almighty Google Autocomplete*.  (you'll need to click the map in order to read the labels)

One can certainly see the regional variation of what our state legislatures are spending time on.  Some of these are good and noble, some bizarre, and some may be downright frightening.  You be the judge.

* Note that some of what Google Autocomplete shows may not be a current law or bill that appears at the top of the Autocomplete list when  [State] passes  is typed into Google.  This must certainly be the case when "Georgia passes" is typed into Google and Autocomplete says "Georgia passes new slave code" as the top choice.  So, consider this Google Autocomplete map to be kind of interesting, but to be taken with a big grain of salt.