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Here's how you can see all County Lines on Google Maps

QUICK LINK TO THE MAP TOOL:  County Lines on Google Maps

Updated January 2020

Did you ever notice that Google Maps doesn't display ALL county boundaries?  Sure enough, try you can do is to get one county's boundaries to draw at a time by searching for that county in Google Maps. Like this, where I searched for "Park County, CO":
Park County Colorado in Google Maps
You can only view one county's boundaries at a time in Google Maps

Well, what if you want to see ALL of the county lines in Google Maps?

You can now, by using this free county mapping tool that I created: County Lines on Google Maps

You'll see all the county borders for the state you're looking at on a fully functional Google Map, like this:
County Lines on Google Maps tool showing Colorado counties

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TIPS: Show county names on the map by checking the "Show county labels" checkbox in the lower left corner of the map.  Enlarge the map to full screen by clicking the full-screen button in the upper right corner of the map!

Note: US coverage includes all 50 states plus Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa.

Quickly see your current county and answer "What county am I in right now?"

More global coverage: In addition to the US, you can now also view county lines in the UK, IrelandAustraliaNew Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Mexico.

For those looking for historical county boundaries on Google Maps, here it is: Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps

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