Here's how you can see all County Lines on Google Maps

Quick link to the tool:  County Lines on Google Maps

Did you ever notice that Google Maps doesn't display all county boundaries?

Sure enough, try you can do is to get one county's boundaries to draw at a time by searching for that county in Google Maps. Like this, where I searched for "Park County, CO":

Well, what if you want to see all of the county lines in Google Maps?

You can now, by using this free web page that I created: County Lines on Google Maps

UPDATE: In addition to the US, you can now also view county lines in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Mexico.

You'll see all the county borders for the state you're looking at, drawn on top of a fully functional Google Map! Feel free to share if you find it useful!
TIP: Enlarge the map to full screen by clicking that button in the upper right corner of the map!

Note: US coverage includes all 50 states plus Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa.

For those looking for historical county boundaries on Google Maps, here it is: Historical U.S. County Boundary Maps


  1. Hi Randy:

    This is very useful- thanks!

    Is there a source CSV file you'd be willing to share? I have a map of my local voting precincts, and I'd like to overlay the county boundaries as a new layer in this map.

    Please respond via e-mailbelow if you do have such a file and would be willing to share it.

  2. Hey Randy, I would like to see even more granularity than a county, namely tract boundaries and coloring based on tract information. Reference: How do I achieve it? Many thanks!

  3. This worked great for me. Thanks for effort.

    1. You're very welcome! Glad it was helpful.

  4. Randy, Played around with your google county maps feature and it is precisely what my wife is looking for.
    She needs to display the county boundaries, and the location of the office/offices within that county.
    Was also playing around with, as well as My Google Maps, and both seem to work well. But as you know they don't display county lines.
    Is there a way where I can import multiple data points (from say a .xls or .csv file) into your google county tool?


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