Latitude and Longitude now displayed on County Lines on Google Maps tool

A few users have requested the ability to see the latitude and longitude for their chosen location while using the County Lines on Google Maps tool.  This functionality has now been added.

As usual, just start by typing in a place name or address for which you want to see nearby county lines, then click "Go!".  Now, in addition to seeing the county name at the bottom of the map, just below that you will also see the latitude and longitude for the red map marker, as shown below:

The latitude and longitude displayed is for the red map marker, so if you wish you can zoom in further and click somewhere else on the map.  You will then see the county name where you clicked as well as the latitude and longitude for the red map marker, as shown here:

If you are looking for the approximate latitude and longitude for a large tract of land, you could change the map to show satellite imagery by clicking the "Hybrid" button in the lower left corner of the map.  Then click on the map where you want to know the approximate latitude and longitude, as shown below:

Another neat little feature is to click the "Use Current Location" button (found just to the right of the "Go!" button) to see the approximate latitude and longitude of your current location.  A write-up on that functionality can be found here.

Important technical note and disclaimer:  While the number of decimals in the latitude and longitude displayed for the map marker imply a positional accuracy of within a few feet, note that Google Maps is not inherently that accurate, and therefore this tool should not be used for legal purposes or anything beyond entertainment value.  Here is a useful article that discusses accuracy of Google Maps' latitudes and longitudes.


  1. Love this. Thank you.
    Also, I am the newsletter editor for Family History Society of Arizona. May I use this post in an upcoming issue? Of course, I would credit you and link back to your blog post. Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, please feel free to publish it. Glad you’ve found the tool to be helpful!


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