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Happy Independence Day! Enjoy This Historical County Boundary Animation

In honor of this 4th of July, here's an animation of county boundary formation in the United States starting in 1629 up through the present day, derived from the Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps tool:

And here's a close-up focusing on the northeastern U.S.:

Explore all of the historical county boundary lines in your area of interest in great detail using the Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps tool.  I'll leave you with this example centered on Independence Hall in Philadelphia, 4 July 1776:

Wishing you and your families and friends a happy and peaceful 4th!

Show me ALL of the names!

You've always been able to search or click on the map and have information about the ONE spot where you clicked appear at the bottom of the map, like this:

"But wouldn't it be nice," many people have asked over the years, "to see ALL of the names of the counties on the map rather than just the one that I clicked?"  Or something to that effect.

Now you can.  Just go to the Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps tool and check "Show labels..." checkbox in the lower left corner of the map, and your map will be pleasantly filled with the historical county names as of the date you typed, like this (click the image below to enlarge it):


This new functionality to add names has been added to the following tools:  Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps, County Lines on Google Maps, ZIP Codes on Google Maps and Area Codes on Google Maps.

Here's an example of the labels on the County Lines on Google Maps tool:

Look out in future updates for new drawing tools as well!