Happy Independence Day! Enjoy This Historical County Boundary Animation

In honor of this 4th of July, here's an animation of county boundary formation in the United States starting in 1629 up through the present day, derived from the Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps tool:
Animation of Historical U.S. County Boundary formation

And here's a close-up focusing on the northeastern U.S.:
Northeastern US animation of Historical U.S. County Boundary formation

Explore all of the historical county boundary lines in your area of interest in great detail using the Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps tool.  I'll leave you with this example centered on Independence Hall in Philadelphia, 4 July 1776:
Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps showing Philadelphia on 4 July 1776 including details from the Newberry Atlas

Wishing you and your families and friends a happy and peaceful 4th!


  1. Yuma County isn't shown splitting off La Paz County in Arizona. Also, the animation sequence needs to be slowed to appreciate the changes fully.

    1. Hi! The animation does go fast because it’s just a teaser. The tool that shows all the actual changes thru 2000 can be found here https://www.randymajors.com/p/maps.html
      And current counties can be found here: https://www.randymajors.com/p/county map.html
      Hope that helps give you the complete picture.


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