NEW: Enjoy ALL of the map tools AD-FREE and FULL-SCREEN!

Over the years, I've had lots of requests for a way to subscribe to the various map tools on rather than having advertisements displayed.

This has been a challenge, as I want to keep the map tools free of charge for everyone to use, and the advertising helps offset the significant costs associated with the development and operation of the tools.

I'm excited to say that you now have an opportunity to choose what works best for you:

Free map tools supported by advertising, OR...
Make a small monthly contribution to enjoy AD-FREE, FULL-SCREEN map tools

The above screenshots are from the County Lines on Google Maps tool, but ALL map tools on now have this same look and feel.*

Here's how the ad-free version works:

  1. You decide how much you want to contribute as part of an automatic monthly subscription, $5.00 or $9.00 (both amounts give you access to all map tools; you decide how much value you feel you receive from the tools)
  2. You get access to ad-free, full-screen versions of ALL map tools for this flat monthly contribution
  3. You can cancel your contribution at any time and go back to using the map tools supported by advertising 

Contribute here:

A small monthly contribution gives you access to ALL MAP TOOLS AD-FREE and FULL-SCREEN
Google Account e-mail*:
* Requires a Google Account (free) to login to the Ad-Free map tools.  This is usually a Gmail email address, unless you sign into your Google Account using a non-Gmail email address.  (If you're unsure which email address you use to login to your Google Account, check by trying to login here)
- Requires a PayPal account to set up the monthly contribution; cancel at any time and go back to using free map tools with ads
- Typically within 5 minutes, you'll receive an email letting you know you can now Login to the Ad-Free Version of the map tools using your Google account; get in touch using the contact form below with any questions

I hope you enjoy this option!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Happy mapping!

* The ad-free version is available for ALL MAP TOOLS, including:


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