Now AncestorSearch can cut through the muck of all of those annoying People Search sites

Does doing a Google search for your ancestors turn up a ton of results from those annoying People Search websites?  Now you can easily INCLUDE or EXCLUDE those websites from your search based on a new enhancement to AncestorSearch on Google Search!

Now you can filter your AncestorSearch search results to EXCLUDE or to INCLUDE ONLY search results from major people search sites and social media sites.  The options look like this:
AncestorSearch and PeopleSearch Filter Search Results options

You can view the full description of the new functionality below the AncestorSearch tool under the heading "NEW!  How to Filter Search Results from People Search sites and Social Media sites".

What People Search sites are searched?

These are the people search sites searched by AncestorSearch, listed roughly in order or traffic ranking according to Alexa:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What Social Media sites are searched?

These are the social media sites searched by AncestorSearch, listed roughly in order or traffic ranking according to Alexa:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

TIP:  Concerned about your privacy?  

Use the "INCLUDE ONLY search results from people search sites" option to find our what people search sites have your personal information.  To search, it's typically best to start by typing just First Name, Last Name and Place (e.g. city or state). You can also type a 4-digit year or an age into the Year box, and choose "Exact" if you're getting too many results.

For your convenience, I've added links in the How to Filter Search Results section of AncestorSearch that will take you directly to the opt-out page of each people search site where you can request to have your information removed

Want it all?

And remember, if you want AncestorSearch to give you ALL Google search results, just leave the "Filter Search Results" set to its default setting of "Do not filter search results."

I hope this enhancement makes it even easier to better hone your search!  Please feel free to share with anyone who might find this helpful, and leave me comments if you feel there are relevant people search sites or social media sites I have overlooked.

Happy searching!


  1. You cannot exclude BOTH social media and people search sites. The selection control acts like a radio button

    1. That is correct, it does operate like a radio button where only one selection is allowed at a time. The reason for this is Google Search's 32-search term limit.

      Under the filter usage notes on the tool page ( How To Filter ), there's an explanation of how this 32-search term limit effects each selection. Hope that helps.


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