Easier Sign In to randymajors.com Ad-Free Fullscreen Map and Search Tools

Thanks to a suggestion from a user, it is now much easier to login to the Ad-Free Fullscreen Map and Search tools on randymajors.com Research Hub.

Rather than having to hunt for a little Login link at the bottom of each tool, you can simply click the "Sign In or Join" button in the upper right corner of any page on randymajors.com.  It looks like this:

Once you click the Sign In or Join button, just click the "Sign in with Google" button that appears:

After signing in, you'll be taken to the ad-free fullscreen version of the map tool you were currently using.  To use other tools, click the "Map & Search Tools" button in the upper right, or click the randymajors.com logo in the upper left to view posts, tips and other content.

Hope that makes it a little quicker and easier to sign in!

Learn more about the Ad-Free, Full-Screen Map and Search tools hereAd-Free Fullscreen Map and Search Tools here.


  1. Is this your Randy Majors login screen? What is with the weird green button, looks like spam to me.

  2. Not sure what you're seeing. If you'd like please send a screenshot to support @ randymajors.com.

    When you click the "Sign In or Join" button you should see the list of tools on the left which you click to sign in to, and a form on the right for those wishing to become a contributor to get access to the ad-free full-screen map and search tools. If this is not what you are seeing please send me a screenshot so I can try to address. Thank you.

  3. Randy: Everything working fine, thank you. There did seem to be a blip following the recent Ancestry maintenance window, but Randy's Maps seems to be working.
    Wondering if there is a way to generate a US Roads map from 1950. My folks drove cross-country, Detroit to Santa Monica. We think on Rt 66, but wondering about alternate pathways.

    1. Cool idea for the historic road maps, but I haven't seen any data available that would enable doing something like that. Interesting concept though!


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