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Quick Links: County Maps of all 50 U.S. States

If you ever need a map showing the counties of just one state, complete with county name labels, you can find links to those on the aptly titled County Maps of all 50 U.S. States page.

For example, clicking the Iowa County Map link on that page will take you to the County Lines on Google Maps tool already filtered to show just Iowa counties, complete with labels.  It looks like this:

Once on the page, you can zoom in, turn on city limits and townships in the lower left corner, and so on.

Also, if you need to find the county you are currently in (based on your mobile device's location), try the What County Am I In? tool.  And companion tools What City Am I In? and What Township Am I In? -- they do what they say on the tin. ;)

Hope these quick links make it easier to get to the state county map that you need!

Sharing Maps just got a lot more powerful

Now, when you share a link to any live map tool on, the recipient will be taken to exactly the same view you were seeing when you shared it.  The link you share will remember:

So, how do you share the link to the live map?

Easy.  You can either:
  • Use the "Share Map" button on the left side of the map, then right click the link that appears and choose "Copy link address".  (Then paste it in an email, website, etc.) It looks like this: 
Share Map button on map tools (click to be taken to the live map)

  • OR, simply copy/paste the URL shown in your browser window's address bar.  It looks like this: 

Now, using the above example, when the recipient of your shared link clicks the link, they'll be taken to the County Lines on Google Maps tool, zoomed in on south-central Florida, see city limits, and have a blue marker visible just above Sanibel.

This helps ensure the recipient of your shared link sees the same map you were viewing.  But not just that -- rather than being a static image, it will be a live map that they can further explore.

(Note, ad blockers may interfere with this functionality, so if you have any issues with sharing, you might try disabling ad blockers and refresh the page.)

Happy sharing! RSS feed changing

If you subscribe to blog post updates via RSS feed (for use in feed readers such as feedly), please note that the RSS feed address has changed.

You can re-add the feed by either simply adding as a source in your feed reader, or if needed, by subscribing to this RSS feed address:  

If you subscribe to updates via email, no action is required :)