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The goal of this website is to make research easier by providing effortless access to publicly available data through familiar and easy to use tools.

The map tools are built on Google Maps and the search tools use Google SearchWhy?
They're the world's most popular mapping app and search engine, and so very familiar to nearly everyone.

Why not just use Google Maps itself?  There are many topics not covered by Google Maps that lots of people would like to see included.  This website aims to fill many of those gaps, such as these topics that are most commonly requested:
And for the genealogist or historical researcher:
If the data is publicly available, why use the tools on this website?  In a word, simplicity.  It shouldn't be so cumbersome to see the map you want and the answers you're looking for.  The tools on this website are built so you can get the answers you're looking for with as few clicks and steps as possible.  In most cases, literally one or two clicks.

No downloads, no installation, no importing/exporting required.  Just go to the tool you want to use based on your topic of interest (e.g. county lines, city limits, ZIP Codes), and either type a place you're interested in or zoom on the map, and you have your answer.

What about the rest of the world?  While many of the tools are U.S.-specific, there are a number of tools with broader coverage:  Elevation, Time Zones and AncestorSearch have worldwide coverage; County Lines covers eight countries; and Area Codes covers several.  This website will expand global coverage as demand warrants and data availability allows.

Additionally, for the more advanced user, this website enables the creation of links to your own custom maps of states, ZIP Code based sales/service territories, delivery areas, or even historical maps for any date and area of interest.

If you have ideas, questions or comments, feel free to get in touch using the contact form on the bottom left sidebar/menu.

Happy mapping and searching!


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