Search for ancestors using this free Google Custom Search tool. This genealogy search engine uses Google search enhancements so that you're much more likely to find mentions of ancestors that are otherwise buried in thousands of Google search results. Works equally well for living peoplesearch.

1. Type in as many search criteria as you want. Use of alternate names, a second person, place, or year are all optional. You can also optionally filter on marriages, births, and deaths. TIP: Use the tab key to save time moving between fields.
2. Click the "Run Full Google Search" button to run your search (or just press the Enter key). Search results appear in a new tab; close that new tab to go back and refine your search.
3. If you get too many search results try checking the box "Only return search results where persons' names are within 10 words of each other".
4. Share this tool using the social sharing buttons at the bottom of this page. Subscribe to this blog at right in order to receive notification of updates and enhancements.

- Shortcut keys: Use the Tab key to move to the next field, and press the Enter key to run the full search.
- After clicking the "Run Full Google Search" button, you can edit the search string on the Google Search page that appears (this is useful for adding other Google advanced search strings to your search).

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Also, check out the Historical U.S. County Boundary Maps tool on this website to put your search in the correct historical geographic context. It uses Google Maps to display US County Boundaries from ANY HISTORICAL YEAR. You can then click any county on the map to see the specific history of the boundary changes, and type in different years to see the boundary changes over time.

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