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This free ZIP Code mapping tool overlays ZIP Codes on Google Maps. Background: You can only view one ZIP Code at a time on Google Maps, so this interactive ZIP Code map tool was created so you can view multiple ZIP Code boundary maps on Google Maps anywhere in the United States.

1. Type any US address or place name, then click the "Go!" button.
ZIP Code boundaries will draw, and the ZIP Code for your specified place (shown by the red map marker) will appear at the bottom of the map. In addition to searching by address or place name, you can also type a known ZIP Code to see its boundaries in the context of neighboring ZIP Code boundaries.
2. Google Maps with ZIP Codes NEW! Click the "Use current location" button to the right of the "Go!" button to determine what ZIP Code you are currently located in and to see all of the ZIP Code boundaries near you.
3. ZIP Codes on Google Maps Click the "Toggle fullscreen view" button in the upper right of the map for a much larger map and an immersive full screen experience. (Not available on iOS)
4. Click the map to see the ZIP Code for where you clicked or just type another place name and click "Go!".
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How do you see Google Maps with ZIP Codes? Just follow the quick steps above and you will see the borders for U.S. ZIP Codes displayed on a fully-interactive Google Map.

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- Coverage includes ZIP Codes in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa.

- The Place box uses a standard Google Maps geocoding engine, therefore you can type street addresses, points of interest, zip codes, etc. to see what ZIP Code that address or place is located in.
- The "Use current location" button will be more accurate on smartphones and other devices containing a GPS; desktop browsers typically show an approximate location.
- Occasionally, ZIP Code boundaries may take up to 10 seconds to appear; if the ZIP Code boundaries never appear, try refreshing the page (F5) and try your search again.
- This tool uses an experimental Google Maps API feature called Fusion Table Layers. The underlying ZIP Code boundary map files used are quite large, and Google Fusion Tables are themselves a beta product. Zooming out too far will cause strange results. As with any new and innovative technology, don't be surprised if things occasionally don't function as expected.

- US Census Bureau

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